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Waste Bins

If you want to keep your workplace tidy and make sure that everything from office litter to industrial refuse is disposed of properly, it’s important that you have the right waste bins. Although you might think of a bin as something very basic, there are many different types out there, and you will need to choose carefully to ensure that you avoid leakage, corrosion and other safety risks – as well as finding a product that suits your professional image.

With materials technology constantly evolving, waste bins are now more reliable and durable than ever. They’re also easier to empty, clean and move around. Most workplaces now have multiple bins for different kinds of rubbish and recycling, and workers who have similar arrangements at home quickly get used to what goes where. There are also special bins for hazardous waste, whether it’s corrosive, poisonous, potentially infectious or even radioactive.

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waste bins

With this extensive selection of bins, it’s easy to find what you need, whether you’re looking for a large container that’s ready for the council workers to empty into their truck, a specialist vessel for industrial waste, or just something discreet for the front office. Remember that workers transferring material between bins should wear appropriate safety gloves and if you have multiple smaller bins scattered around your premises consider getting a cart for transporting them to the outdoor bin area. This will need to be cleaned regularly to avoid any spillage presenting a hazard, but good quality, easy-empty bins can do a lot to reduce the problem.

Waste Disposal: Buying Guide

If you’re aiming to recycle as much of your waste as possible, something that can help you get green certification, which customers love, ask your local council what recycling categories it uses. This will help you to choose the right recycling bins, which are available in all shapes and sizes, from giant, rugged bins for dealing with glass to stackable little bins that can easily be tucked into a corner of your office.

If you are dealing with flammable materials on your premises, you will need a fireproof waste bin, and you should take fire safety into account when you provide bins for cigarettes. Even though the law now requires smoking to be limited to outdoor areas, fires caused by people disposing of cigarette butts in the same bins as paper can cause a significant hazard.

Although it can be tempting to get the largest bins available so that you don’t have to empty them as often, this can make the task of moving them around much harder. Many bins have their own wheels and some have handles to make pushing them easier.

As well as choosing the right bins, it’s important to choose the right bin liners. If you’re disposing of heavy items you will need rugged bin liners to take the strain. There is also the option of using liners made from recycled materials if you want to further enhance your green credentials.


How can I keep bin areas from smelling bad?

If you’re worried about bad odours coming from your waste bin, look for models with lids that close over fully and have good seals. There are a variety of air freshening products you can use but you should be wary about these in the workplace because they may cause allergies and in some cases they’re a fire hazard.

How can I make sure that sensitive documents can’t be stolen from my waste bins?

One solution to this problem is to shred your documents, but shredded documents can still be put back together with enough patience. One solution is to use lockable bins or lockable recycling bins which are not opened until the waste is ready to be taken away and processed.