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Class 1 & 2 Traffic Signs

Road traffic signs can help stop accidents, injury and worse when used in the correct way.

At Safetyshop, we have a wide range of class 1 and 2 traffic signs to help you direct and calm traffic as well as issue warnings. These signs are great for use on private roads, in car parks or on industrial estates.

We have signs for cycle routes, traffic lights and uneven surfaces to name just a few of the many traffic signs that we have on offer, all of which comply with the current and most applicable regulations and directives

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The type of traffic sign you need will be dependent on where it will be used. If you’re looking for something on a private road to calm busy or fast traffic, then a Caution Speed Ramps sign could be useful when used in conjunction with speed bumps. Useful signs for car parks include In and Out signs as well as our arrow signs, which you can get pointing either left or right. We also have a few speed limit signs to choose from, and would recommend investing in School Crossing signs for both secondary and primary schools as a way to prevent and reduce the likelihood of any accidents happening. For commercial buildings, warehouses, and construction sites, you might find you need an All Drivers and Visitors Must Report to Reception sign. When it comes to class 1 and 2 traffic signs, we’re sure to have what you’re after.