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Asset Labels

Asset labels are an absolute necessity for workplaces where property of value and importance is in regular use. Asset labels not only make assets easily identifiable, but also enable you to track them easily and efficiently. This means defective items can quickly be found so they can be repaired or replaced.

Many of the asset labels available from Safetyshop are tamper-proof and include consecutive numbering, providing a visible deterrent that can help keep valuable and important property, such as computers, laptops, smartphones and machinery, safe.

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Even if your workplace is small with only a few employees, the chances are you still have property of value to protect, and that is where asset labels come in. We offer a wide range of options, and are happy to answer any questions you may have should you be in any doubt over which type of asset label you need.

One of our simpler, but most popular options is the Fastguard Nameplate, which is available in two sizes, made from metallised polyester and has an acrylic adhesive that bonds quickly and securely to smooth surfaces. You can choose from seven different colours and the labels are completely customisable in terms of wording and logos.

For the security conscious, we have the Tamper-Evident Polyester Barcode Labels, which reveal a ‘VOID’ pattern when removed, thereby giving you an extra layer of protection against theft. These labels can also be used in extreme temperatures, ranging of minus 30C to 140C, making them ideal for use in restaurants and kitchens.

For property that has more than one part, such as desktop computers and a wide variety of medical and engineering equipment, the DuraGuard Two-Part Asset Label is the perfect choice. This two-part label system includes a barcode on one part and a smaller notification tag with an individual tracking number. The labels can be customised with your choice of wording.

We have a vast range on offer when it comes to asset labels; do not hesitate to ask if you are in need of assistance in choosing the right ones for you and your company.