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Site Hazard Warning Signs

Making your construction site as safe as possible is one of the most important parts of being an employer or site manager. Not only are you responsible for the safety of your workers and employees, but you also need to make sure visitors and members of the public are properly warned about the hazards present on your construction site. When it comes to members of the public, this is especially important if the site is frequently used by pedestrians or drivers, so make your site hazard warning signs as visible as possible

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Safetyshop has a wide range of site hazard warning signs, and we are well aware of how important health and safety on construction sites is for employers, managers, workers and members of the public alike. All our signs feature the instantly-recognisable black and yellow colourway, which immediately warns the reader danger is present, and all our signs adhere to health and safety regulations where necessary. Our 'beware building sites are dangerous' signs work just as well for warning members of the public as it does reminding workers to remain vigilant at all times. The sign is available in three different sizes and in either vinyl, rigid plastic, or Correx fluted polypropylene, which is flexible but strong, while rigid plastic is hard wearing. Other signs in this range include ‘warning pedestrians have priority’, ‘beware hazardous area’, and ‘forklift truck’ signs.