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Security Signs

What is the single thing most likely to deter thieves from targeting your premises? It’s knowing that you’ve made the effort to defend your property. The best way to communicate this is by having the right security signs in place. These signs can also help to keep legitimate visitors from accidental injury and will often encourage parents to keep their children from playing where they should not. They can also enhance your legal protection. We have a great range of signs, all high quality and built to last, so don’t hesitate to select what you need.

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security signs

Security signs have three main purposes. Firstly, they provide you with some legal cover (as long as your approach to security is within the law) by making sure that people entering your premises are aware of any risks or of the fact that they might be filmed by security cameras. Secondly, they reduce the risk of accidental harm coming to visitors or their property. Thirdly, they deter thieves and vandals. In fact, they are so effective at this third job that some people choose to use them even when they don’t have the advertised security systems in place, trusting in the signs themselves to deter potential troublemakers.

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Our comprehensive range of security signs makes it easy to find what you need. If you have CCTV, it’s essential that you declare it with easily spotted signs, because otherwise any images of criminal activity that the system captures may not be admissible in court. Other signs, such as those that state that trespassers will be prosecuted, don’t have any legal weight but can lose their effectiveness as a deterrent if you become known for not following up on what they promise.

All our security signs are fit to be used both indoors and outdoors but they will need to be wiped clean occasionally. To make the best impression, you can choose metal effect signs, and you won’t need to make any extra effort to care for them.

Signs stating that a door is alarmed will not only deter thieves but also save you from annoyance when employees forget and set alarms off accidentally. You can also keep your workers safer by using signs to remind them about risks such as those posed by machinery that may start automatically. Choose your signs today and you can start enhancing your business security.