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Fire Escape Signs

Fire escape signs are widely used in public places, venues and buildings to warn people about potential dangers, provide them with instructions for evacuation and inform them to create a safer environment for all.

These signs are ideal for guiding people through an escape route to the assembly area or to designate when areas should be kept clear. Fire escape signs help businesses and other enterprises adhere to health and safety standards and typically feature white font on a green or blue background with a pictogram. Fluorescent options to provide visibility in darker lighting conditions are also available.

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fire escape signs

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All of our Keep Clear Signs, fire action signs and emergency evacuation signs are compliant with British Standard requirements and feature different materials and finishes depending on your needs.

The Fire Escape Keep Clear Signs, Anti-Slip Floor Signs and Escape Route Keep Clear Signs can be used to instruct employees, visitors and other people so they know what to do in the instance of a fire. Signs should be fixed in a place where pedestrians can see them with ease and along the entire evacuation route at appropriate intervals.

If signage is required in the event of a power failure, the Nite-Glo Emergency Evacuation Chair Signs can be used. These are available in either polypropylene or self-adhesive polyester film to aid visibility in areas where light is at a premium. They can also stay illuminated for more than six hours once lit up.

For a more premium finish in areas where style is of paramount importance, opt for the Deluxe Metal Look Signs, which are available in a number of different brushed metal finishes and sizes. These signs would look great in a hotel, restaurant or bar, for example. We have deluxe versions of both Emergency Exit Keep Clear and Escape Route Keep Clear signs available that offer a more prestigious look.