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Gas & Explosive Signs

Employers have a legal obligation under today’s health and safety legislation to warn employees and visitors to their premises of any hazards.

Gases and explosive substances are a particularly dangerous hazard and it is essential that everyone on the premises be warned against smoking and naked flames.

Guarding against accidents is not as tricky as it may first seem. Carry out a risk assessment to identify any areas that may contain gases or explosive substances and then place an order for gas and explosive signs from Safetyshop.

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At Safetyshop, we have a comprehensive range of gas and explosive warning signs. All of our signs include the yellow warning triangle with a black pictogram clearly displaying the hazard. For your convenience, the signs come in a range of sizes and materials. As many of the substances involved could be flammable as well as explosive, it may be advisable to also display one of our flammable warning signs to ensure that everyone is fully aware of all dangers.

While we aim to have gas and explosive signs to fulfil the health and safety obligations of most businesses, all hazards are different. If you cannot find a suitable gas and explosive sign to warn of your hazard, please give us a call today. Safetyshop can custom make signs to ensure that your warnings of gas and explosive hazards are accurate and easy to understand.