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Bicycle Shelters

We have various bicycle shelters at Safetyshop. Bike racks are a good investment when it comes to workplaces, schools and university campuses, as they can help to encourage people to cycle to work, school or college. However, while many choose to invest in bike racks, bicycle shelters often get unfairly overlooked as an unnecessary extra, when in fact they can help make all the difference to your employees or students’ ability to cycle to work, school or university. Bicycle shelters keep bikes dry when it rains but can also keep bikes secured if you choose a locking model.

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If security is a high priority for you, then we’d recommend the Stratford Secure Cycle Shelters, which can hold up to ten bikes in a free-standing structure with a door that can be locked for extra safety. Of course, the bike racks inside the shelter provide cyclists with a place to lock up their bikes, but the Stratford shelter adds an extra layer of security that is sure to bring them peace of mind while they are working. Smaller establishments may well be happy with the shelter provided by the Contemporary Cycle Shelter, which offers practicality and affordability in equal measure. This shelter can accommodate up to five bikes and has a modern, attractive design that provides extra shelter from rain or snow with an overhanging awning. It is made of anodised aluminium and has a UV-resistant polycarbonate roof that is both fire and impact resistant, making it extra secure.