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More Safety Clothing (PPE) Signs

While health and safety rules dictate that employers should try to reduce risks in the workplace as much as possible rather than rely on protective equipment, there are workplaces where this is not possible. Under these circumstances, an employer must provide personal protective clothing in the form of gloves, earplugs or any other suitable equipment to allow employees to work safely with no long-term effects on their health. PPE signs indicating where protective clothing must be worn and where it is kept will ensure that employees are aware of their own obligation to protect their health by using personal protective equipment.

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Our High Visibility Clothing Must Be Worn Signs provide clear instructions on the use of high visibility clothing. The signs may be erected around the workplace, indicating the areas where such clothing should be worn. The signs conform to the Health and Safety 1996 Regulations on Signs and Signage, having a blue circular background with a central white pictogram. The signs conform to all current EU and UK legislation. Our Safety Harness Must Be Worn In This Area Signs provide highly visible instructions on the use of safety harnesses. Working at heights is one of the most dangerous activities at work and lack of the appropriate equipment has led to many injuries and even deaths in some workplaces. Ensuring staff are aware of the need to wear a safety harness and that such safety harnesses are available is vital to preventing accidents in the workplace.