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Biohazard Warning Signs

The Health and Safety Regulations of 1996 state that hazards must be clearly signed and that signs warning about potentially hazardous materials must be prominently placed so that workers and visitors can take the necessary precautions. Our range of biohazard warning signs will be of particular interest to anyone working in an environment where biohazards are an everyday occurrence, such as hospitals and laboratories. These signs not only mean that you’re complying with the UK’s laws and regulations when it comes to health and safety, but also that you are ensuring the safety and security of your employees and visitors.

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One of our most versatile biohazard signs is our self-adhesive sign, which can be used both indoors and outdoors and is available in either vinyl or rigid plastic. The self-adhesive makes it easy to place just about anywhere, and the instantly recognisable imagery conforms to UK and EU regulations as well as statute BS 5499. We also have a Danger Toxic Hazard sign, which conforms to all requisite health and safety regulations, and can be applied anywhere so that employees and visitors know exactly where the danger lies. There is also the Danger Biological Hazard/No Admittance sign, which clearly states that only those with clearance are allowed in a certain area due to the presence of biological hazards and our range of Laser & Radiation Warning Signs for more specialised environments. Wherever you work, and whatever hazards you are warning against, it’s important to remember that these signs must be displayed prominently and clearly so that workers and visitors can follow them.