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Access Restriction Signs

Workplaces can contain a number of hazards, all of which need to be assessed and minimised to comply with health and safety rules. One of the ways of minimising the risk to employees, visitors or members of the public is to restrict access to certain areas within the workplace. Highly visible, no access signs are an ideal way of ensuring that staff and anyone else knows which areas they can freely enter and which they should not enter. This reduces the risk of accidents or lost days due to injuries and helps to maintain productivity 

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Our Handy Pack of Six No Access Signs is a cost-effective way of ensuring that areas with restricted access are clearly marked. The signs can be applied to a range of surfaces, providing the surface is clean and dry, and they may be used indoors or outdoors. The signs carry a clearly recognisable symbol and comply with all relevant legislation. The signs are straightforward to apply and are resistant to temperature extremes and moisture. The signs are also made of fire-resistant material. Large No Access Banner Safety Signs have a clear message that can be seen from a distance. Eyelets in the sign permit it to be attached with cable ties to fencing or scaffolding. These large signs are ideal for construction sites or for no access areas at large events. The banner features the classic red and black no entry symbol and is available in either recyclable plastic or PVC.

Our versatile 'no unauthorised access' sign can be used in a number of situations.