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Anti Slip Floor Products

Anti-slip flooring products are useful in various workplace environments, not just construction sites or warehouses, where there are multiple trip hazards. Safetyshop has many products available for any situation where anti-slip floor products might be helpful, whether you’re looking to make a staircase safer for children in a school, hoping to warn employees and visitors about uneven flooring, or you need something that will work with heavy traffic. Ensuring health and safety is important not just to help keep workers and other members of the public as safe as possible, but also to comply with official health and safety standards.

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Health and safety issues can be as varied as workplace environments, and the right anti-slip floor product will depend on which issues arise most commonly in your workplace. In kitchens, for example, it’s important to ensure the safety of chefs who not only spend all day on their feet but are also in danger of slipping on spilled food or liquids. Our slip-resistant kitchen mat is a must-buy for any restaurant or large-scale catering kitchen, with a cross grip surface, anti-bacterial properties and holes to drain away liquid. Our Hi-Visibility Anti-Slip Treads can be used both inside and out, and provide a coarse surface to ensure grip and safety even in situations where it’s been exposed to grease or liquid. It’s particularly useful in areas of low lighting as it also has a hi-visibility strip and is easy to install, even without a professional contractor.