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Safety Clothing (PPE) Signs

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations of 1992 aim to ensure that if risks cannot be controlled by other means, then personal protective equipment is correctly selected and used. In some workplaces, it may be necessary for employees to wear safety clothing. If employees need to wear safety clothing in order to work in certain areas, there should be clear signage to warn both employees and any visitors. Signage can be used not only to inform employees of the need for safety clothing, but also to guide them on its use. For example, if hearing protection is required, a sign can supply information on the correct fitting of the protective equipment.

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Safetyshop’s High Noise Levels Use Ear Protectors Signs can be positioned around the workplace to indicate areas in which ear protection is necessary. If noise levels are above 85dB, then ear protection is mandatory, and where noise levels are above 80 dB, ear protection must be available on request. These signs are made of durable material and comply with safety standards on signs and signage. In the UK, 17,000 people suffer from some degree of hearing loss, tinnitus or other ear conditions, and exposure at work to high noise levels can result in long-term hearing loss. There is thus a duty on employers to ensure that their employees are protected against excessive noise levels. Our You Only Have One Pair of Eyes! Protect Them Signs provide a clear warning to employees that protective eye equipment should be worn.