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CPR Equipment

While the thought of administering CPR is a daunting one, knowing how to resuscitate a person and how to administer the right kind of care before the emergency services can attend the scene can make the difference between life and death. At SafetyShop, we want to help you and those around you to go about your day in safety, and to assist whenever you need it. Our products, therefore, are designed to make administering first aid and CPR as efficient and easy as it possibly can be, while maintaining personal safety and hygiene at all times.

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cpr equipment

Our first aid shop has everything that you need to administer immediate care to a patient, including resuscitator masks, face shields and mouth to mouth shields, which will prevent cross-contamination when performing CPR, an AED responder kit that will efficiently prepare a patient to receive CPR, and accessories such as signage and defibrillator brackets. While those accessing such equipment will have been trained in its use, our products are clearly marked and feature instructions, guiding you through every step you’re about to take.

Increasing numbers of workplaces, community spaces and leisure facilities are choosing to invest in defibrillators, and it’s not hard to see why. In the event of cardiac arrest, little can be done to make patients comfortable; prompt treatment with a defibrillator can greatly increase a patient’s chances of survival. The CardiAid Defibrillator available from SafetyShop can be used by anyone possessing basic CPR skills, although it comes complete with instructions to guide the user through each step; such a piece of kit will buy the patient valuable time until emergency crews are able to attend. The Advanced Mediana Hearton A15 semi-automatic defibrillator is similarly reassuring to use by anyone with basic first aid skills, while we stock replacement batteries and electrode pads for the latter, and storage boxes for your machine.

Your personal safety and that of those around you is paramount, here at SafetyShop. We want to ensure that you’re comfortable with your purchases and that you have every faith in our products; our operators are available from 8.30am until 5.30pm to answer any queries that you may have, and to talk you through product specifications that may require clarification. Please do not hesitate to call, or email, if you need anything at all.