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Spill Control

Spillages in the workplace have the potential to be very dangerous. Chemicals can be harmful when touched and it is important to have a procedure in place that will deal with any problems as soon as they happen so the dangers are reduced. The purchase of a specialist spill kit is a good idea and it should be kept in the area where spills are most likely to happen. They can easily absorb all kinds of spills and leaks, helping to neutralise the danger almost as soon as it happens and in large industrial workplaces, they are considered essential. 

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A mobile trolley spill kit could be a solution if you consider that there are several areas where spills could happen. Mobile trolleys can be easily moved from one place to another and they are strong trolleys that can also withstand various environmental conditions, so the kit is not affected by atmospheric moisture, dirt or any damage.A mobile container spill kit is another solution. These also have wheels so that they can be moved easily and they feature a hinged lid to ensure easy access to the kit’s contents. The wheels on the kit are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and there is plenty inside the kit to help to deal with any emergency. The medium kit, for example, has pads, pillows and a number of disposal bags. Select a kit based on the possible spillage – for example, oil only, chemical or maintenance spills.