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Sack Trucks & Pallets Trucks

There are many workplaces that require items to be transported around the site. Using the right sack truck or pallet truck for the job will improve safety within the workplace and reduce the risk of accidents. Injuries or accidents due to using the wrong equipment can be costly to businesses in working time lost. More than a third of injuries that result in individuals having to take time off work for over three days are caused by manual handling. As a result, there are many regulations relating to the lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying and loading of items. Sturdy trucks with solid construction and easy grip handles play a vital part in ensuring the safe and secure transport of items.

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Safetyshop’s Multi-Purpose Sack Trucks have a lightweight steel construction and a hard-wearing powder coated finish. Each truck comes with a three-year guarantee. Items are held securely in place by an extra wide toe plate with a concave back with cross bars to hold items in place. Knuckle guards are provided on the hand grips. In addition to economy sack trucks, we also have Heavy-Duty Rough Terrain Sack Trucks that have been especially designed to make it easy to transport items over uneven or rough ground, and as with our other trucks, they have a three-year guarantee. Our Extra Long Pallet Trucks have many features built in that make carrying even heavy loads easy, such as hand controls for a hydraulic pump and tandem nylon rollers to spread the weight