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Photoluminescent Hazard Warning Safety signs

Hazard warning safety signs are an essential part of any workplace where there are potentially dangerous practices or substances. All staff and visitors need to be aware of what they are facing and need to be able to take the right precautions so that they can avoid any unnecessary accidents and incidents.

The photoluminescent hazard warning safety signs are a good way of highlighting all the potential areas that might be a problem. The ‘Dangerous chemicals’ sign, for example, features a skull and crossbones – the message of danger is unmistakeable even for a person who has a poor understanding of English

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The hazard signs are required to be on display as part of the health and safety regulations of 1996. The signs themselves are eco-friendly and can be placed where needed. Chemicals are not the only hazards in the work place, though. Other hazards include electrical equipment, gas pipes and dangers of falling items where there is high racking. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all hazards are clearly marked as the company has a duty of care towards everyone on the premises, and these signs are a very simple way to achieve that. They can be put into place in minutes, and will ensure that the company is compliant with all the relevant health and safety regulations. The signage is cost-effective, carries a clear message and can be easily changed or moved when needed.