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COSHH Assessment & Safety Posters

Part of providing a safe environment for employees to work in, especially if that environment is one with hazards, is by carrying out a COSHH assessment to determine which hazards are present and how and what way they are a hazard to employees or potential visitors.

You then need to determine how you can reduce and prevent the harm caused by these hazards. This often involves signs and labels warning of the hazards present, but in some situations, you may also need to provide safety information in greater detail, in which case a COSHH assessment safety poster is necessary.

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Once an assessment has been carried out, the next step should be to provide safety posters. We have a wide range of posters available that you may find useful, including a COSHH Safety Poster, and various pocket guides, including one specifically for hazard warning symbols. Our range also includes a number of wall charts, which can help if you have a large number of employees. A wall chart can also serve as a reminder to your workers about how to work with hazardous materials and chemicals. It is easy to get acclimated to certain situations, even when they involve dangerous materials or hazards, so it’s important to have reminders on hand in case of complacency or forgetfulness. It is incredibly important to make sure that your workplace complies with the relevant COSHH regulations, not only for your employees and workers’ health and safety, but also to adhere to the law.