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Cleaning & Washroom Signs

We have a wide range of cleaning and washroom signs for workplaces, commercial buildings, restaurants and community buildings such as libraries, schools and doctor’s surgeries.

Bathroom signs are extremely useful for users and provide a simple and clear way of designating where employees, visitors and guests can go to the bathroom.

We have pictorial signs, which use only symbols, as well as some signs with writing on them. Whether you’re looking for a disabled bathroom sign, a unisex bathroom sign, or signs for men and women’s toilets, we are sure to have the cleaning and washroom sign for you.

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For larger establishments, it may be necessary to provide signs that relate to the cleaning of the washrooms. In this case, we have several options available, including a Versatile daily washroom attendance sign, which is a dry wipe board that allows you to indicate how many times a day the toilet should be checked, and when it was last cleaned. It’s important to use a non-permanent marker pen; this must be bought separately from the sign. For ladies or unisex toilets, we also carry a Do Not Flush Sanitary Products Down Toilet sign, which is useful for any establishment that caters to women and girls, though do remember to provide a suitable receptacle. When it comes to pictorial signs for toilets, we have sleek stainless steel and self-adhesive vinyl. Both options are hard-wearing, but if you’re looking for something a little more economical, the latter might be best.