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Locker Signs

Employers are expected to ensure that their employees can work safely on their site.

Under health and safety rules, employers are expected to reduce the risks within the workplace to an acceptable level. However, in some workplaces, it is not possible to do this and in this case, employers are expected to provide personal protective equipment to their employees who have to work in areas where there are potential hazards.

To ensure that staff know how to use protective equipment and know where to find it, locker signs are useful. Clear locker signs will encourage staff to look after and use personal protective equipment.

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Our Roll-Top Sign – Approved Personal Protective Equipment may be used to quickly highlight dangers on a site. The sign is heavy-duty and durable. It can be easily attached to fencing, skips and scaffolding. The sign is convenient to use as it may be hooked over and clicked into place when work starts and then removed once the work has been completed. The sign is durable enough to be used repeatedly. PPE Must be Worn – PPE Locker Signs can be used to reinforce the message that personal protective equipment must be used. While employers are responsible for providing personal protective equipment, employees must take responsibility for their own safety by using the equipment. These signs fulfil the obligation of the employer while making the employee aware of his or her responsibility. The signs are easy to affix to a range of surfaces and they have a universally recognised mandatory symbol