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Plug Safety

Electricity is a necessary part of everyday life, but it can also severely injure or kill individuals if not used properly. Electrical safety equipment is vital in the workplace, not only to ensure the safety of staff, but also to improve productivity. Accidents at work can result in staff having to take time off, and possibly even legal repercussions, both of which may be very costly for a business. Electrical maintenance and testing, along with using the right equipment, are important for ensuring safety in the workplace and ongoing compliance with health and safety regulations.

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Electrical safety equipment is vital for ensuring that the workplace is a safe environment for your staff. Safetyshop offers a range of electrical safety equipment for even the most complex cable configurations. For example, our tough T-Shape Cable Protectors are made from lightweight durable aluminium, making them resistant to moisture, heat and many chemicals. Frayed or broken electrical cables are a serious hazard in the workplace, which is why more and more businesses are opting to use cable protectors. We also stock other cable protectors and Temporary Cable Protection/Hazard Tape, which is ideal for covering electrical cables and making them highly visible. Electrical cables in the workplace should always be covered so that they are not a trip or shock hazard, but sometimes it is necessary to run cables temporarily across floors. This easy application tape with self-adhesive edges is the perfect way to prevent workplace accidents.