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Power Lockout

When maintenance requires that employees have access to hazards that would normally be guarded, a business should have clear isolation procedures in place. The basic rules require that there must be isolation from a power source (which may be electricity). The isolation requires using devices that have been specifically designed for this purpose, rather than key-lockable emergency stops or other types of switches that are normally fitted to any machinery. Guards that prevent faulty equipment from being used with high visibility are an effective way of preventing accidents through the use of faulty equipment. 

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Power lockout components are important for ensuring safety in the workplace. Our Ladder Guard Lockout Cover is highly visible and covers up to four ladder rungs. Safety messages are printed on the cover, which is a UV resistant material able to withstand even harsh outdoor conditions. It can also be rolled up for easy storage. Our Brady Butterfly Valve Lockout is highly resistant to cracking, abrasion, chemicals and solvents. Made of strong non-conductive polypropylene plastic, it can withstand temperatures from -46 degrees centigrade to 183 degrees centigrade. It is important to have lockout components stored in a place within the workplace, and the Lockout Wall Station is ideal. Durable and hard wearing, it is suitable for holding lockout tags, padlocks and hasps. Lockout equipment is an important part of safety for many workplaces such as factories, depots and warehouses, and having a reliable central storage space for lockout items means that workers have the right equipment to hand when they need it.