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ID Badges, Visitor Management & Accessories

Not all workplaces require ID badges or visitor management strategies, but for some, such things will be a necessary part of daily life.

Whether you are an institution that receives a lot of visitors, such as a school or university, or a large business or office building that has high levels of security, or even an events management company, we have a wide range of products that could help.

ID badges are commonly used, even in small businesses and offices, and are particularly useful for those where security is of high importance.

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At Safetyshop we have over 60 products in our range of ID badges, visitor management and accessories. For something simple and economical, we have the Chrome Badge Holder, which can hold an ID card and be attached to either a waistband, belt or key ring. It is particularly good for ID cards that need to be shown or swiped regularly. If you’re in events management, either for corporate events such as conferences, or non-corporate events such as festivals and concerts, we have a wide range of products for you. These include Tyvek® Wristbands, which are useful for easily identifying event-goers, and are available in a range of different colours should you need to differentiate between certain event-goers, depending on where they have access to. Our Visitor Parking Bay Full Kit is also great for smaller events, as are our Classic Rope Stands with A4 Message Holders.