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Disposable & Reusable Medical Equipment

Whether it’s a first aider badge or first aid station signage, large, essential items or smaller articles that come together to form that vital piece of kit, here at SafetyShop we want to ensure that you’re equipped to handle any emergency – regardless of its size or where and when it occurs. The level of care that you’re able to provide is our utmost concern, which is the reason behind all of our products being professional grade and of the highest quality wherever relevant, and why we’ve thought of everything. Do take a moment to browse the disposable and reusable medical items that we stock.

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disposable and resusable medical equipment

Many items that can be found in first aid kits and in clinics can be used time and time again, becoming staple pieces that you turn to during emergencies, in the event of accidents, injury or illness, or during regular practice hours when patients need to be checked over. Our personal scales and column scales, for example, will provide accurate measurements in moments, while our wall thermometers and min-max thermometer are designed to give medical professionals readings that can be trusted. No first aid kit should be without medical scissors and clothing cutters, which are easy to clean and will assist first aiders and first responders in vital tasks. 

Other items that are frequently used during the administration of first aid will need to be disposed of immediately; perhaps they have been exposed to biohazardous materials or placed directly onto a wound. These items are incredibly useful to have around, and their numbers should be monitored carefully to ensure you never run out. SafetyShop stocks a wide range of such products, including nasal plugs to absorb nosebleeds, disposable aprons to be used in clinics or treatment centres and before administering care, to reduce the spread of bacteria, and gauze swabs, which can be used to apply creams, gels and antiseptics. You may also wish to check out our extensive range of bandages, tapes and dressings, which are essential for all first aid points.

Please do visit our biohazard kits and body fluid equipment page to ensure you have everything you need for the safe disposal of these items, and never hesitate to contact us if you have a query regarding the products we stock. We endeavour to provide the highest quality and most reliable items available, and will happily discuss particular aspects of ranges with you.