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Dog Signs

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but that does not mean they are welcome everywhere they go. Even if you are the world’s biggest dog lover, you may work in an environment which simply is not suitable for dogs. Of course, some pubs and restaurants welcome our furry friends, but not all choose to do so, and the same goes for schools, shops and offices.

Whatever the reasons for your workplace being a dog-free environment, Safetyshop has the appropriate dog signs to warn employees, suppliers, partners and customers about it being so.

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Safetyshop has a wide range of dog signs to suit your every need, whether you are looking to inform the public that dogs are not allowed, discourage fouling or tell owners their furry friends should be on a lead.

There are many reasons to choose to make an environment dog-free, and the main one is health and safety. Where this is the case, we have the in the interest of health and hygiene dog sign, which informs the public exactly why dogs are not welcome in a particular area. However, service dogs are often allowed to enter no dog areas, so a sign such as the no dogs except guide dogs sign makes it perfectly clear what dogs are permitted.

Another environment not always suitable for dogs due to safety issues is areas in which children congregate or play. Our children’s play area sign is a good choice for such areas, while our no dogs in playground area sign is ideal for community spaces and schools.

Dog signs can also be used effectively in areas where dogs are welcome, but where fouling is discouraged. Dog fouling is a fact of life when it comes to owning a dog, but sadly, some dog owners are averse to cleaning up after their pets. Where this is the case, we recommend our no fouling sign in order to deter further infractions and encourage dog walkers to do the right thing and clean up after their animals.

Whether you are looking for dog signs for commercial premises, community buildings such as a village hall or school, or simply for your home, Safetyshop is happy to provide any further information you might need in order to find the right one for you.