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Pressure Washers

In a busy workplace, there’s no avoiding dirt and the best tools for getting it under control are pressure washers. Whether you manage a medical environment and want to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene, or you work in a warehouse where crates, boots and vehicles routinely cover the floor in mud, this is what you need to keep things under control.

Pressure washers can be used on floors, walls and sturdy objects, including vehicles, though you should be careful not to direct them in such a way that they might force dirt into gears. They can clean up anything from dust and mould to loose paint but they can also break up tarmac if pointed straight down at it, so they need to be used with skill. Because of the forces involved they can be dangerous to use and appropriate personal protective equipment and safety training should be provided.

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pressure washers

Our diverse range of pressure washers means you can find the right device whatever the scale of the tasks you have to deal with. All come with full instructions that should be read fully before use, even if the washer is to be handled by experienced operators.

Pressure washers can be used for a variety of tasks, from cleaning the floors of commercial kitchens to removing graffiti from walls and shutters. Different models offer differing degrees of flexibility and some come with accessories that add to their versatility. This means it’s worth thinking carefully about all the possible things you might want to use one for before you buy. Spending more won’t necessarily mean you get greater versatility as the primary factor driving price is the degree of pressure each machine can deliver.

Buying guide

Pressure washers can be divided into two main categories: electric and petrol-driven models. Electric pressure washers are not as powerful but they can be plugged into a normal socket and used anywhere. Petrol-driven washers produce fumes so can’t be used in enclosed spaces. For most purposes the pressure generated by an electrically powered machine is perfectly adequate. Diesel and gas-powered washers are also available.

Some pressure washers are able to produce hot water as an aid to cleaning. This, of course, presents another safety hazard so its use should be approached with caution. Others are designed so that detergent can be injected into them and released along with the high pressure water, which is particularly useful when dealing with ground-in dirt or when aiming to sterilise an area.

Most pressure washers need to be connected to the mains water supply, but some come with their own tanks, which is useful if you want the option of using them in a wider range of environments.

Most washers come with a choice of nozzles that shape the emerging water in different ways as it emerges. This means that, for instance, a thin, highly focused stream of water can be used to exert maximum force or a wider jet of water can make it quicker to clean a large area.


How much pressure should a machine like this be able to generate?

Most pressure washers generate between 750 psi (pounds per square inch) and 2,000 psi but versions that are more powerful can generate anything up to 30.000 psi.

Can I use a pressure washer to clean an office?

Low-pressure washing can be used in offices or even hotels as long as soft or fragile items are moved out of the way first and it is approached carefully.

Will I need to do further cleaning after pressure washing?

Pressure washing usually takes care of all the dirt but if you’re using water you may need to mop it up afterwards. We have a large range of cleaning supplies to help with tasks of