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Window Films

Everybody loves to work in a place with big windows, although some bosses worry that they are distracting. However, studies show that workers are happier and more productive when they have plenty of light. Sometimes that light can be too much, and our range of window films helps to deal with this and other common problems. It means that you can enjoy your windows without your premises heating up like a greenhouse, without compromising your privacy or making yourself an easy target for thieves. Just look at our selection.

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window films

These window films can be bought in a range of sizes and come with instructions that make it easy to cut them to fit whatever size and shape of windows you have. They’re also remarkably easy to apply. If attached correctly, they are very durable and will stay in place and look good for years. They are not the same as glass, however, and you should be careful not to use anything abrasive when cleaning them.

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If you want to cut down on the amount of UV light getting into your business, reducing glare and keeping the place from getting too hot in sunny weather, solar control window film is a great choice. When using this or privacy window film you should be aware that indoor plants may suffer because they are not getting enough UV light. If you still want to keep plants and feel that artificial plants would be an inadequate substitute, you can use small UV grow-lights directed straight at them.

Privacy film works for the same reason that it’s difficult to see into a dark place from a brighter one. It makes your windows appear opaque and silver from the outside, unless somebody has their face pressed against the window. This effect is diminished at night, so you may still want to have blinds to use when it gets dark.

Safety window film is designed to make your windows harder to break. It cannot protect them from damage if they are struck – they can still crack and may need to be replaced – but it’s very difficult for anybody to smash right through them, so it can help to protect you from vandals and thieves.

You won’t need specialist help to fit these films, so make your choice today and upgrade your windows at very affordable rates.