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Fire Extinguisher Signs

When an emergency arises, time is at a premium, so it is important that the correct signage is provided for any emergency equipment that may be needed to put out a fire, such as a fire extinguisher. Locating this apparatus quickly can save lives and reduce the chances of serious injuries.

We have a diverse range of high-quality fire extinguisher signs that provide instructions on how they should be used. There are also signs that outline the different types of fire extinguishing equipment and their content such as foam, dry powder, water, CO2 or wet chemical. These signs adhere to health and safety standards.

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fire extinguisher signs

Fire extinguisher signs should be used as a core component of your commitment to health and safety in the workplace. These signs aim to instruct and inform, and should be fixed in visible locations near equipment, as well as near fire exit doors and routes.

Buying Guide

We have numerous Nite-Glo signs to ensure informative advice is available even when there has been a power failure. These PSPA Class B placards stay illuminated for more than six hours after being activated by a quality light. They are also compliant with British Standard requirements and are available in a number of sizes and in a range of materials.

Among our most popular products are the Know Your Fire Extinguisher Colour Code Signs, which are ideal for informing the public about the correct usage for each type of fire extinguisher. The signs feature ‘for use on’ and ‘do not use on’ sections with pictograms and text for quick and easy-to-digest advice during emergencies.

Our ‘deluxe’ range of signs comes in a choice of high-quality materials and fixings for use in higher-end establishments such as hotels. You may want to opt for the Deluxe Fire Extinguisher Signs - Wet Chemical or Deluxe Fire Extinguisher Signs - Dry Powder if you want such signs to complement a more refined setting.

We also offer six-pack fire extinguisher signs for widespread use across school premises, office buildings and other areas. For more about our complete range of fire safety signs, get in touch with Safetyshop.


Q: Do you offer any three-dimensional signs for high visibility?

A: Yes, we stock the Fire Extinguisher Projecting ‘3D’ Sign - Xtra Glo and Fire Horse Reel Protecting ‘3D’ Sign Xtra-Glo for indoor and outdoor use.