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Multi Message 6 Pack Signs

Health and safety in the workplace is the responsibility of employers. Employers are required under the regulations to make an assessment of their workplace to identify all potential hazards and to reduce those hazards where possible. Appropriate signage that is clear and easily visible is an important part of safety in the workplace. By clearly identifying areas where there are potential hazards and ensuring that all staff are aware of the danger, employers help to reduce the risk of accidents. A workplace can have a number of different hazards, all of which need to be marked.

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Our multi-message 6 pack signs are a cost-effective way of providing signage for the workplace. Danger High Voltage 6 Pack Multi-Message Signs are the ideal solution for areas in which more than one safety message may be required. The use of multiple messages on a single sign saves wall space, making it easier to provide two or more messages at once. The signs may be positioned anywhere that they are required and conform to BS 5499. Danger Highly Flammable 6  Pack Multi-Message Signs carry three messages: Danger Highly Flammable, No Smoking, and No Naked Lights. These signs are clearly visible and can be used to warn staff, visitors or members of the public about potential hazards in a workplace. Using three messages on a single sign saves wall space and is more cost-effective than purchasing three different signs.