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Cable Management

All employers are obliged under the health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 to protect their employees be ensuring they work in a safe and well-managed environment.

There are numerous definitions of what exactly constitutes a safe working environment but prominent amongst them is electrical safety.

It may be unavoidable to have cable runs traversing a floor area, but if they’re uncovered, unprotected and/or left in a spaghetti-like tangle, you’re exposing your employees to dangerous trip hazards and the possibility for even more dangerous electric shocks from frayed or worn cable insulation.

SafetyShop.com provides a broad range of cable management solutions to ensure you and your employees remain safe and that you stay on the right side of health and safety. Don’t risk your employees’ health or your company’s reputation by failing to ensure electrical safety.

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electrical safety

Even with the advent of Bluetooth and wireless technologies, most businesses cannot escape the necessity of cable runs to keep computers and other equipment powered. But if your cable runs resemble cable spaghetti, people are going to trip on them, or worse, receive dangerous electrical shocks if the cables have become worn.

At SafetyShop.com, we have a broad range of solutions for your cable management problems. Let’s explore what’s on offer.

Buying Guide

Need to run cables across floor areas traversed by frequent pedestrian traffic? You can depend on our rugged 1 Channel Cable Protector kits to prevent trip and electrocution accidents happening in your workplace. These bevel-edged, flat cable protectors enable staff and chairs to be passed over them without catching and they’re very easy to fit. Simply snap them open, insert the cable(s) in the protector’s central channel and place them down where you need them to run. In the event of a fire, these protectors emit low smoke and non-toxic fumes only. Our protectors will grant you peace of mind and safety. Also available in 2-channel format.

A related product comes in the form of our Snap Top Rubber Cable Protectors, which form a similar function and are equally easy to fit (only opening at the top rather than underneath). Also with bevelled edges to prevent snagging by pedestrian feet or moved furniture, these robust protectors lie safely flat on the ground, protecting the cable from wear and preventing it from being a trip hazard.

It’s sometimes impossible to avoid a multitude of cables running from one device to another – cables that look so similar they’re virtually impossible to distinguish readily by eye. Our Colour-Coded Nylon Ties solve this problem at a stroke. The ties come in packs of 100.


I need to run electrical power to equipment at remote points from mains outlets. Is it safe to use extension lead?

Yes, provided you protect the extension cable from becoming a trip hazard or getting worn. Our standard BSI-approved Extension Leads come in 2, 4 and 6-socket configurations, while our Surge Protected Extension Leads come in 4-socket configuration. The advantage of the latter is that it filters electrical surges and spikes that could otherwise destroy data and damage hardware.

To purchase more form our range of Electrical Safety products, visit our webpage now.