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Site Waste Signs

Disposing of waste properly is an important part of working on a construction or building site, as not only does it make for a more pleasant environment, it’s also an integral part of the health and safety of the workplace.

 Getting rid of waste from construction areas is of course more complicated than it is in office environments, with the waste being more varied, larger and heavier, and potentially more dangerous. Safetyshop recommends storing waste in clearly signposted areas as part of running an efficient and safety-conscious construction area.

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There is a wide range of site waste signs available from Safetyshop; all site waste signs use clear white text on a brightly-coloured background to make them easy to see and read. We have signs available for general waste, timber waste, plasterboard waste and active waste, as well as signs that remind workers to place all rubbish in bins.These signs are highly versatile, and have self-adhesive easy-peel backs, enabling you to mount them on walls and fences, or in stanchion holders. If you’re not using a stanchion holder, we advise using heavy duty cable ties, which are available for purchase separately from Safetyshop.Other site waste signs available include those reminding workers that 'a tidy site is a safe site', which emphasises that waste should be disposed of in the correct manner for safety as well as aesthetic reasons.