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Starter Packs

When you’re setting up a new business having to purchase all the safety signs you need individually can be a bit overwhelming, so these construction sign starter packs are just the thing. They’ll give you the basics needed to meet regulatory requirements, though you may still need to make additional purchases to suit any specialist work that you plan to do. All the signs included meet industry standards and are weather-resistant so you can use them anywhere.

If you’re already familiar with construction industry regulations then you won’t have any difficulty recognising these signs. Large letters designed to stand out and familiar symbols ensure there’s no mistaking what they mean. They’re relatively lightweight and easy to move around when you move between different sites, and simple fixings make them easy to install and re-install. As well as making the site safer, they will help newcomers to find their way around, which is very helpful if you’re bringing people in on a per-contract basis.

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starter packs

No matter where you’re working, safety is the most important concern. These starter packs mean that you can take all the basic signs you need to the site in one go, so you’re immediately ready to set up and get to work. There’s no less attention paid to quality than with signs you buy separately so you’ll find them fit to use repeatedly.

Buyers’ guide

Buying starter packs of signs like this can save you both money and effort. It also means that you’re less likely to overlook something important, which is particularly helpful if you’re new to the business and still finding your feet. In some cases, buying packs like this is also the most practical way to replace signs that are starting to suffer from wear and tear, and it’s also a practical option of your business is expanding and you’re starting to work across multiple sites at once.

Starter packs are available in a range of sizes. The smallest ones will provide you with enough to get started but the larger ones include a greater variety of signs so allow for more flexibility. Even when you’ve got the basics covered, building additional safety strategies into your work is never a bad idea, and signs help to reinforce that approach, making it much easier for workers to identify what they’re allowed to do and where they’re allowed to do it.

These starter packs are good value even if you don’t end up using every sign they contain. Spare signs can always be retained in case they become useful in future. By buying a starter pack, you give yourself a solid core on which to build, and it’s easy to pick up additional signs individually as and when you need them. Having those core signs often makes it easier to work out what your further requirements are as you identify any areas left unaddressed.


Can I guarantee that a starter pack will include everything I need?

If you buy a general pack it will contain most of what you need. Some sign requirements are sector-specific so you will need to check the regulations for your particular area in order to make sure that you have what you require. These packs are just what they say they are – a good place to begin.

How does buying a starter pack save me time?

It can take time to identify all the basic signs you need, especially if you’re new to the industry, and you will then have to go through the purchasing process with each of them. Getting several in one go streamlines the process and reduces the amount of work you have to do.