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Safety Showers

Working alongside hazardous materials and chemicals or in a first aid environment in which you could be exposed to biohazardous waste or substances comes with associated risks. While you no doubt do all you can to limit these risks, accidental exposure can happen. At times like this, you need to ensure that your equipment won’t let you down. At SafetyShop, we’re proud to offer for sale a safety shower and a range of accessories to complement its use. Regardless of where you work or what you do, you can rest assured that you have the equipment needed to cope with any emergency.

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safety showers

The Hughes heated safety shower is a useful piece of kit indeed, made from durable galvanised steel that will stand strong for as long as you need it to. Ideal for first aid situations involving hazardous substances, and in environments where exposure to such materials is a likelihood, the shower is heated to be used all year round and features an eyebath and face wash fountain, and integrated signage that makes the unit easy to see and quick to find in case of emergency. Its efficient design makes this shower unit the perfect piece of kit for your first aid station.

Fast and efficient use of equipment is vital in emergencies, buying patients valuable time until medical professionals can arrive. Spillages, leaks and exposure to harmful substances must be dealt with appropriately, which is why a hands free foot control panel for the safety shower is often a great idea. As there are no fiddly buttons or handles to pull or press, patients with debris in their eyes can still operate the shower themselves, while first aiders and responders can tend to injured parties with ease and efficiency. In addition to the foot control, it’s also a good idea to equip your shower with additional illumination, so that a patient’s condition may be assessed and to ensure all dirt and harmful waste has been removed, as well as enabling the shower to be used into the evening.

Our safety shower and its accessories, which also include a transit chair for the safe passage of injured parties, are built to the highest specifications. Please do contact the team at SafetyShop if you require product clarification or advice at all.