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Tags & Labels

Keeping company property safe and protected should be a priority for any business and with this in mind there is a range of tags and labels that can be used so that your property can be easily identified. The DuraGuard Nameplates, for example, can be customised quickly with your personal information.

The plates can be marked or numbered to suit your own specific requirements. You can create a numbering sequence or a personal barcode that identifies the equipment as yours. Use these to keep track of assets or easily manage document control. The printing cannot be rubbed off, so the nameplates are tamper-proof.

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The Duraguard products have an adhesive that will work on a variety of surfaces. They can be used on computers, office furniture, tools and electrical appliances. The tags and labels come in a variety of colours so you could employ a colour-coding system if you prefer. The standard Duraguard tags are designed to be used on anything that needs to be kept track of. The tags themselves have been created from overlaminated metallised polyester, so the printing cannot be rubbed off. The labels can also be used on items that are indoors or outdoors, as they can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. The barcode creation is free, so you can have your own unique identification system at no additional cost and you can choose tags and labels in a range of sizes and colours