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First Aid Supplies

While the health and safety (first aid) regulations 1981 impose an obligation on employers to provide an on-site first aid kit, there are not any hard and fast guidelines indicating what should be included in it.

Clearly though, an ancient pack of plasters that long ago lost their stickiness and an out-of-date tube of antiseptic cream will not cut the mustard. It is wise to prepare for all eventualities; at the least, your first aid kit ought to include sealed, sterile plasters of varying sizes, dressings, triangular bandages, eyewash and disposable rubber gloves. 

Employers must provide a first aid kit irrespective of the size of the company, and with a fully-stocked first aid kit from Safetyshop you can take the stress out of meeting health and safety regulations by procuring all the essentials in one fell swoop.

Here is an overview of our extensive range of first aid supplies.

first aid supplies

Whether you are looking for first aid supplies suitable for a sports club, a construction site or an office, we are confident our wide range will include an option that meets your requirements, enabling your organisation to fulfil the health and safety (first aid) regulations 1981 stipulation that injured employees receive immediate medical attention if injured in the workplace. 

First Aid Equipment: Buying guide

Your needs may be fairly elementary - plasters, bandages, dressings, disinfectant, eyewash, etc. - or more sophisticated; some customers require burn therapy supplies, while others need life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) equipment. Our extensive range of products encompasses all requirements. 

National standards body the British Standards Institute (BSI) introduced BS8599 in June 2011, which can be used as a guide to determining what type of first aid kit your workplace needs. 

For relatively low-hazard workplaces, a small kit will be sufficient for those with less than 25 employees, a medium kit for those with 25-100 employees and, for those with over 100 employees, a large kit for every 100 employees.

In high-hazard workplaces, BS8599 recommends one small kit for workplaces with less than five employees, a medium kit for those with 5-25 employees, and one large kit per 25 employees for those with over 25 employees.

For all the essentials necessary in a relatively low-hazard workplace, the BS8599 Standard First Aid Kit does the job. Available in small, medium and large, its contents include a guidance leaflet, medium and large dressings, triangular bandages, safety pins, eye dressings, washproof plasters, sterile wipes, microporous tape, disposable hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, finger dressings, face shield, foil blanket, burn dressings, clothing cutters and conforming bandages. 


Are there any first aid kits designed specifically for the catering industry?

Under the food safety act 1990, all food handlers must have access to a first aid kit containing sterile blue detachable plasters. Our Ready-Stocked British Standard catering first aid kits contains these, along with all the items the BS8599 Standard First Aid Kit contains. 

Do you have specialist first aid supplies? 

We have a huge range specialist first aid supplies, such as Body Fluid spill KitsClinical Waste BagsWater Jel Burn Kits - used by most fire and ambulances services and known to be twice as effective in treating burns as other brands, and a range of CPR equipment, from the Easy to use Advanced Mediana Hearton A15 Semi Automatic Defibrillator to Mediana Hearton A15 Replacement Electrode Pad

Do not delay when it comes to ensuring your company meet health and safety and food safety regulations - get the necessary first aid supplies you need as soon as possible.