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Steel Scaffolding Safety Signs

Scaffolding signs are very important. The dangers of working at height or being nearby while others are working at height are many but can be minimised with the help of the correct signage. A simple ‘Men Working Overhead’ sign is easy to put in place and a good way of warning others that there are potential dangers.

The signs are made from brushed steel so they will withstand a lot, including environmental conditions, ageing and even vandalism. They are curved at the top so that they will fit neatly over a scaffolding pole, complying with regulations. 

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One of the dangers in any workplace is when people choose not to wear the right personal protective equipment (PPE), and high-visibility clothing is essential. You need to be able to see at a glance if there are people present and fluorescent jackets and vests are the easiest way to do that. A sign that reminds workers and visitors that they should be wearing PPE is very important, and as with other scaffolding signs, the ‘High Visibility Clothing’ sign is made from brushed steel and is curved to fit the scaffolding pole.  Warning scaffolding signs should also be used to remind people not to use the scaffolding if it is not considered to be safe. These can tell people that it is incomplete and to prevent them from going near the scaffolding without first ensuring that it is safe. All scaffolding signs comply with health and safety regulations and standards.