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Harmful Substances Signs

Current health and safety regulations state that it is the responsibility of the employer to properly identify and warn against any hazards that may be found in the workplace.

The need for hazard warning signs is more pertinent in some workplaces than others. For some workplaces, the existence of and exposure to harmful substances is part of everyday life and harmful substances signs should be used in order to warn employees and visitors to their presence and the risks that accompany them.

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With 30 different harmful substance signs to choose from at Safetyshop, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Depending on which harmful substances you are working with, we have a wide range of warning signs on offer and can offer any advice you need, should you not be able to find what you need. Our harmful substances signs and corrosive symbol signs adhere to the current health and safety regulations where applicable, such as the Liquid Nitrogen sign we carry, which also has universal application and can be displayed anywhere, both indoors and out. If you’re looking for a more generalised warning sign, then we would recommend the Harmful Chemicals or Caution Chemical Store signs, which feature the familiar and recognisable yellow and black insignia of the warning triangle as well as clear and easy to read writing. We also have a good range of GHS COSHH symbol signs, such as those for compressed gas, toxicity, and health hazards.