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Hearing Protection Signs

Protection against excessive noise is an important part of health and safety in work environments, such as construction sites, where exposure to excessive noise is a part of everyday life. In order to preserve the health of workers, the Health and Safety Executive has, as of 2005, made it the responsibility of the employer to provide the requisite ear protection. In this case, it mostly means ear plugs and defenders, but employers must warn both employees and any visitors that they may have the need for such protection. This is where ear protection signs come in handy. 

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Providing hazard warning signs is an important part of health and safety regulations, and at Safetyshop, we have a wide variety of warning and instructional signs, including ear protection signs. In most cases, these signs feature the familiar and instantly recognisable background and symbol representing ear protectors; however, some of our signs provide even more information. In some cases, for example, ear protectors are only needed in certain areas of a site or workplace, in which case the Ear Protectors Must Be Worn in This Area sign would be the best option for you. In other situations, ear protectors might be needed throughout the site, so a simple symbol sign might be necessary, though you should be sure to place these signs throughout the area in order to remind employees, workers and any visitors you may have that protectors are necessary throughout.