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Road Traffic Signs

Whether you’re doing work that might have an impact on passing traffic, controlling the flow of vehicles in and out of your premises or making sure pedestrians stay safe around them, road traffic signs have a vital role to play. Their clear, easily readable words and widely recognised symbols make it simple for drivers and pedestrians alike to identify where they’re allowed to be and which way they’re supposed to go.

Proper use of road traffic signs on your premises helps you meet legal obligations and reduce the risk of accidents. It can help you keep important throughways clear and organise your parking spaces so that everybody has the access they need. You can use the signs in this range to direct deliveries to the appropriate place and help visitors find their way around. These signs maintain a professional appearance and help visitors feel confident that you know what you’re doing.

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road traffic signs

Our range of durable metal road signs is designed to help you bring your premises into keeping with the wider environment, so that drivers automatically follow the same rules the do on the public highway. In some cases you may need to use sign on the road itself – for instance, if you are setting up a skip that protrudes onto a rod and may not be visible from around a corner – in which case you should talk to your local traffic department for advice. In some cases you may also be able to get permission to erect signs on lanes leading to your premises in order to slow drivers down or alert them to the possibility of hazards like reversing vehicles. Any notices seeking to control parking outside your premises, even if it’s to protect an entrance point, will need permission, but applying for this is simple.

Buyers’ guide

Within you premises you are free to erect whatever reasonable signage you like but you will need to think carefully about how it’s positioned if you want it to be effective. Although all our signs are weather-resistant it’s unwise to place them underneath drips or where they will be constantly battered by wind. Remember that, sturdy as they are in themselves, they will also need to be attached to something sturdy in order to remain secure.

These signs are easy to fit in place with standard tools. Simply use nails, pegs or bolts to attach them to walls or posts through the existing holes. With the right fittings you can also attach them to gates or railings.

If people are going to be using your premises after dark (including in winter when the sun goes down early) you will need to place your signs where they have sufficient illumination. Choosing a sign with a symbol instead of or as well as words can make it easier to see and interpret when visibility is poor.


How can I choose the right speed limit sign for my workplace?

Your local transport department may be willing to offer advice on safe speed limits. If you premises are small there is generally no need to go over 5mph. 10mph or 15mph may be more sensible for businesses with large yards or car parks.

Should disabled parking only apply to people with blue badges?

It’s up to you how you police spaces reserved for disabled people. Many do not have blue badges, especially if their disabilities are temporary. Remember that disabled people may need extra space to get in and out of their vehicles.

Can road traffic signs protect me against lawsuits?

Using proper signage will generally go in your favour in the event of an accident on your premises. It’s always a good idea to signpost things like speed bumps that can potentially damage vehicles.