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Emergency Eye Wash

One of the most important aspects of ensuring the health and safety of your workplace and employees is providing a well-stocked first aid kit.

The Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1981 established that all workplaces must have a first aid kit on-site in case of accident or injury.

One product that often gets overlooked in first aid kits is emergency eye wash. It may not be compulsory to include eye wash in a first aid kit, but it’s a good addition to any kit, and Safetyshop has almost 50 emergency eye wash products available from which to choose.

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For first aid kits, our Sterile Wound and Eye Wash is a great option. Small enough to fit in a standard first aid kit box, it’s suitable for superficial wounds, and has a nozzle design that turns the saline solution into a mist. If you want to include eye wash in your first aid kit but don’t have the time to assemble the kit yourself, then take the aggravation of assembly out of the equation by purchasing our First Aid Kit and Eyewash Kit, which can be wall-mounted and is suitable for up to ten people. We also have various wash stations, most of which are wall-mounted and are suitable for use in workplaces where eye washing is necessary day to day, such as in the chemical industry. The Quicksafe Wall Case for the Chemical Industry is specifically designed for the chemical industry, where the risk of accident is higher.