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Caution Warning Signs

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The provision of Caution Warning Signs is an integral part of adhering to the health and safety regulations laid out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Employers are required to assess the worksite for hazards or areas of risk, and provide the appropriate instructional or warning signage to alert anyone on the premises to a potential danger or obstacle ahead, so that they can take an avoiding action. The signs should conform to HSE guidance, using standard colour coding, legible fonts and universally recognisable symbols.

Caution signage is essential in any workplace, but it is particularly important for worksites such as warehouses, construction sites or hospitals, where hazards are more likely to occur on a regular basis. We have a wide range of Caution Warning Signs to help you provide the safest environment possible for your employees, customers or any other workplace visitors.

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Choosing the Right Caution Signs

Caution Warning Signs

Caution signs may be necessary in a variety of situations, for example: to indicate toxic waste, corrosive substances, asbestos, electricity, chemical store or reversing vehicles. We have specific warning signs for each of these hazards, but would also recommend that employers invest in general signage that warns against the more common hazards that are likely to occur in every workplace, such as steps, trip hazards and wet floors.

The specific hazard-related signs you need will depend on the risk at hand, but you can rest assured that the Safetyshop range of caution warning signs adheres to the requisite regulations and is made from durable materials that are long-lasting and hard-wearing. Simply browse to find the signs that are most appropriate to your needs, or get in touch for advice or guidance if you are unable to find exactly what you need.

Health and Safety at Work

Health & Safety at Work

Employers have a responsibility to provide employees with safe, clean working environments, and to use appropriate signage to warn employees of any potential health and safety hazards or concerns. Employers who fail to provide a safe workplace, or adequately warn of health risks, can be held liable for accidents that occur in the workplace.

Caution warning signs play an essential part in maintaining worksite safety and mitigating employer liability. The HSE has a series of guidelines on safety signs in the workplace, which are drawn from the Health and Safety Regulations 1996.

Sign Materials and Finishes

Safetyshop has a wide variety of signs to suit both indoor and outdoor environments. Depending on whether you need heavy-duty signs to withstand the pressures of an intense outdoor or industrial environment, or vinyl signs to warn of indoor hazards, our signage is available in a variety of materials.

These include:

  • Rigid plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Magnetic rubber
  • Aluminium
  • Polyester
  • Brass
  • Heavy-duty composite
  • Correx fluted polypropylene
  • Composite aluminium

You can also choose from a range of different kinds of finishes and treatments to ensure the longevity of your signage. These include:

  • Photoluminescence – to ensure optimal visibility, even at night
  • Satin and high gloss – to create a visually powerful sign that is also very professional
  • Anti-slip laminate – this is an ideal solution if you need to place a warning sign on the floor
  • Reflective laminate – these signs are easy to install and highly reflective for maximal visibility
  • Vandal-resistant – to prevent permanent damage to the signs from vandalism

When selecting the finishings or treatments that will work best in your workplace, consider the specific needs of the environment. For example: do the signs need to be seen at night? Do they need to be graffiti-resistant or anti-slip for high traffic workplaces?

Caution Sign Installation

Installation requirements will vary depending on the sign’s material and the location where it is to be mounted. Most of our signs can be installed using cable ties, self-adhesion, or by hanging, bolted, magnetic or stanchion methods.

Safetyshop has a comprehensive range of sign accessories and fixings to enable you to install any sign exactly where you need it.


What are caution signs?

Caution signs are signs that warn of a potential obstacle or hazard. They are typically black and bright yellow in colour, and utilise a combination of text and pictograms to describe a particular hazard.

Caution signs can include generic warnings that you would encounter in every workplace, such as Caution Wet Floor Signs, Caution Hot Water Signs or Caution Mind Your Head Signs, or they can depict very specific warnings such as Caution Fragile Roof Signs, Caution Risk of Electric Shock Signs or Caution Biological Hazard Signs.

Where should caution signs be placed?

Workplace caution signs should be installed in highly visible locations, so that they are easily readable by employees and site visitors. If they are to be placed outdoors, they should be regularly checked for any potential visibility issues, as outdoor signs are more likely to be affected by adverse weather, vandalism or vegetation, which could render them illegible.

When deciding where to place a caution sign, a comprehensive risk assessment must first be performed. This assessment will identify any potential health hazards and provide a guide to which caution signs will need to be purchased to mitigate risk.

What are the different types of caution signs?

Safetyshop has a comprehensive range of caution signage to help you assemble the collection of signs required to meet your workplace’s unique needs. Specific working environments each have their own requirements when it comes to signage, for example, warehouse caution signs will be different from construction site caution signs and those found in office environments.

Safetyshop also carries more general types of caution signs that are likely to be required in every workplace, such as Caution Slippery Surface Signs, Caution Cleaning in Progress and Caution Trip Hazard Signs.

Here is a selection of the most popular Safetyshop caution signs:

If you are not able to find the right signs for your workplace, get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise you in finding the appropriate signage for your company's needs.