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Storage Boxes & Containers

Space saving is often an important issue for many businesses and there are easy ways to get organised. Storage boxes and containers are a great way for warehouses and offices to organise items that have to be kept in picking areas or cupboards.

Stacker storage boxes have a unique design so that they can be stacked easily but still give access to the contents. Made from a non-toxic polypropylene, they are also suitable for food items and can be stored at a variety of temperatures. Labels are supplied with the boxes so the contents can be identified easily.

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The storage boxes are designed for longevity, so they can withstand a great deal of handling and general wear and tear. Larger bins come complete with a lifting handle for easier movement. The multi-functional containers feature hinged lids that can be removed if needed. Some of the boxes have a large capacity, making them ideal for the busy workplace where some items need to be kept under lock and key. Sometimes plastic storage boxes are not enough and much more secure storage is needed. For tools and equipment, heavy-duty steel storage boxes are available with locks for additional peace of mind. The area around the lock on the boxes is reinforced so cannot be drilled out and other features include a concealed hinge. All locks and keys are provided and additional security is provided by an internal anti-jemmy system.