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Fans & Heaters

Fans and heaters are needed in a wide variety of environments, from offices to warehouses, and there is a wide range of both, so finding one to suit will be easy.

 For commercial and industrial purposes, fans and heaters are designed for a lot of use.

During the winter months, heaters might be needed for some areas where central heating has not been installed – offices in warehouses, for example, or in larger open-plan offices where the heating is not enough to maintain a constant temperature throughout. Summer months see a higher demand for fans, particularly in areas where windows cannot open. 

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Fans come in all shapes and sizes, from desk fans for individual use to oscillating tower fans that can be used to cool a much larger area. Adjustable speeds mean that they can be altered to deal with the ever-changing temperatures. Timers allow a fan to be set so that in the event that the user forgets to switch it off, it will turn itself off at the end of the time. Some even come with a remote control so they can be adjusted at a distance. Office heaters are designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, and have adjustable heat settings and thermostats that will stop them from getting too warm. Portable heaters have large handles that are fully insulated so that they can be moved around as needed, and are available in a range of power outputs and sizes