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Anti-Fatigue Products

Anti-fatigue products are important in workplaces where employees sit or stand in one position for long periods. This could be in a traditional office environment, where most employees spend up to eight hours a day at their desk. In this environment, our Non-slip Office Foot Rest could help. Employers and employees alike rarely think of health and safety in terms of day-to-day comfort, instead choosing to focus on fire safety or first aid, which are of course very important, but the everyday health and safety of office workers is just as integral to providing a safe and healthy workplace. 

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Anyone who works for long periods of time at a desk knows how important maintaining the correct posture is to the health of the back. Spending large amounts of time sitting down every day can cause long-term damage and poses a real threat to your health. One way of counteracting this is to get the right chair and ensure that your spine is in the correct alignment; however, many people don’t know that the placement of your feet is just as important. That’s where the foot rest comes in. It helps to maintain your posture and even helps to keep your feet moving, which can ward off circulation problems. It’s not just office workers who have to deal with such issues though, which is why we also have our Ergonomic Kneeling Pad, which encourages good posture for those working in a crouched position, such as construction workers, masons and gardeners.