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Do Not Signs

Red and white ‘do not’ signs are a staple sight at many workplaces, as well as leisure venues, medical environments and events, offering instruction and guidance to those who may be employed there or simply visiting for one purpose or another. Easy to understand due to their simplistic nature, these signs can be used to relay a number of messages and instructions, from advising people to stay clear of equipment and objects to highlighting specific instructions. Such signs are essential for a safe workspace and should be prominently displayed wherever there are hazards.

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do not signs

As with the blue and white ‘keep’ signs that are stocked by SafetyShop, red and white ‘do not’ signs can be used in a variety of settings, including the construction, commercial and industrial sectors. Signs warning employees and visitors, such as ‘scaffolding incomplete do not use’, ‘do not remove guards’, ‘do not oil, clean or use this machine whilst in motion’, ‘do not wear loose clothing when operating this machine’, ‘do not operate’, ‘do not climb on shelving’, ‘do not operate this equipment unless technically qualified’ and ‘do not touch men working’, relay easily understood messages that pertain to specific items of machinery or equipment, and must be displayed where they can be seen easily by everyone. Such signs are essential for health and safety compliancy.

Other ‘do not’ signs can be applied for more general use, and are frequently seen in medical waiting rooms, at leisure venues such as theatres and cinemas, and on public transport. These include; ‘no mobile phones’, ‘do not drop litter’, ‘out of order’ or ‘do not drink’, and ‘in the event of a fire do not use this lift’, while signs warning the reader, ‘do not switch on’ or ‘do not obstruct’ can be applied almost anywhere; again, their simple design and to-the-point message ensures there can be no doubt as to what’s expected of those within the area. If you own or work within any of these settings, be sure to keep your signage up to date and prominently displayed, particularly if certain actions could compromise health and safety.

The world of health and safety signage is a vast one; it can be difficult to know exactly what signs you need and where they should be placed. In the event of confusion, please refer to your workplace’s health and safety guidelines or ask one of our advisors for assistance in choosing the right products.