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Specialist Signs

Sometimes the standard health and safety signs are not quite enough for the needs of a business, but the good news is that there is a whole range of specialist signs that can be used. Double-sided hanging signs, for example, are perfect for use in corridors where people may approach from different directions and need to see the signs from either side. These signs are made from foamed plastic to ensure that they have a long life. The signs come pre-drilled and are easy to hang. 

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The hanging kits are an optional extra for the double-sided hanging signs and are easy to use. They come complete with clips, hooks and self-adhesive pads. They also come with the instructions you need to complete the installation of the sign. Sometimes it is also important to remind workers and visitors that there is CCTV in place around the building. There are signs for this that are also double-sided and meet with all the relevant legislation. Pointing out that there is CCTV in operation can improve security around the premises and discourage those who would otherwise be tempted to commit a crime. These can be used in conjunction with real or dummy CCTV cameras. The signs are made from foamed rigid plastic and are mounted into a wall bracket that can be easily fixed to the wall. The signs are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.