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Hand Cleaners, Soaps & Sanitisers

All workplaces will need facilities for hand washing. For some it may just be in washrooms, while others will need them in food preparation areas, after handling certain substances or carrying out manual labour, and for the use of visitors and members of the public.

Depending on the task performed on the business premises, hand washing facilities may be essential for personal hygiene or for the health and safety of employees and the public. Once you have identified where you need hand cleaners, soaps and sanitisers, browse the range at Safetyshop.

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Safetyshop has a range of hand cleaners, soaps and sanitisers to suit all budgets. We understand how important hand washing can be for everyone’s health and our range includes a dispenser in a fun design, especially to encourage hygiene in any children on your premises. To complement the hand cleaners, soaps or sanitisers that you choose, take a look at our full range of bathroom supplies, which includes paper towels and hand dryers.

Allowing your employees and visitors to your premises to easily maintain their personal hygiene or to clean their hands after any tasks or activities on your site will increase efficiency and convey a good impression of your business, as well as ensure that you have complied with current health and safety legislation. Place your order today and show your employees how seriously you take their health, wellbeing and comfort.