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Air Fresheners

No one welcomes walking into a room and being met with an unpleasant odour. Sometimes, an open window simply is not enough to clear the air, or you may find yourself in a room without a window to open, and that means you need a little help to get it smelling sweet and welcoming.

Air fresheners in your home or workplace ensures a pleasant environment for family, friends, customers and employees. There is a vast range of air fresheners available, and the sheer variety can make choosing the right kind tricky, but here at Safetyshop we have air fresheners for every need.

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For round-the-clock protection from unpleasant odours, we recommend an air freshener that is on duty 24 hours a day. Our Standard Air Freshener Dispensers have variable time-release options, emitting a burst of freshness every few hours in order to keep the area smelling fresh and clean throughout the day.

These are great for use in bathrooms, and come with a hidden on/off switch and a handsome wipe-clean outer shell in a choice of colours, so you can match your air freshener to the décor of your bathroom. Air freshener aerosol refills are sold separately, but the outer shell can be used continuously, helping you save money and keep bad smells at bay.

We also offer a Digital Air Freshener Dispenser, which has the same features as the standard air freshener, plus a built-in 24-hour clock and programmable spraying, giving you even more control over how and when you use your air freshener. These dispensers are far superior to aerosol sprays and atomizers as they can be used without the need for human interaction.

You do not have to do anything once the programme is set; install your air freshener and enjoy a fresh, clean smelling room for months. If you have a bathroom that is used by a lot of people, such as customers or employees, this is a great investment and a small yet key element to providing a pleasant, welcoming environment for all concerned.

If you have any queries about which type of air freshener is best for your needs, Safetyshop can answer any questions you may have.