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Safety Cutters

Box cutters and utility knives are widely used in the workplace. Warehouse employees, shipping and receiving departments, retail store checkers, construction workers and emergency rescue workers all need to use implements to cut open cartons or packages, cut tape, open bags or cut seat belts. By their very nature, knives and cutters pose safety risks. Using the wrong cutting implement or using it in the wrong way can result in injuries, lost production and high shrink rates. By providing safety cutters for staff to use, businesses can reduce the risk of injury and thereby reduce costs of their business.

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Safetyshop offers safety cutters suitable for a wide range of applications. The Slice Mini Cutter with Auto-Retractable Ceramic Blade is a convenient pocket-sized mini cutter that has a retractable non-rust and long-wearing blade. The blade can be easily replaced with no need for tools. The ceramic blade is highly durable and will last up to ten times longer than any traditional steel blade. The knife also incorporates a magnet that allows it to be stored on a metal surface. The auto-retracting blade makes the knife easy to carry around, and whilst being high on safety, it is also an effective cutter. Another option is the DBX Safety Knife with Built-In Tape Cutter, which has a protective beak for additional safety. The tape cutter makes it the ideal tool for safely opening cartons and boxes. The replaceable cartridge means that the user is never exposed to the blade.