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One hazard faced by virtually all businesses, irrespective of sector or specialism, is the danger posed by manoeuvring vehicles to pedestrians and drivers. 

A great deal of preparation has to be undertaken to plan safe site layouts, plans that must ensure that moving vehicles have sufficient space to reverse without endangering anyone or being damaged. Pedestrian and non-vehicular areas should not only be clearly demarcated but also safely separated by physical obstacles. 

One of the most effective traffic safety devices for workplace premises is the humble bollard, which these days come in a broad variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. SafetyShop.com has abundant options from which to choose. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the variety of bollards we supply. Whatever your traffic and pedestrian safety requirements may be, we’ll have a solution for you.

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A bollard is a vertical post designed to bar vehicular access to an area. Although the word originally referred only to posts placed on ships and quays for mooring, it’s come to refer to a wide range of posts whose function is to control or direct traffic. An interesting historical fact: the word is believed to have originated from the old word for a tree trunk – ‘bole.’

You are reading this page because you want to find a way of keeping pedestrians and vehicle drivers safely separated, or vehicles safely away from certain specified areas of your premises. We think we can help. Here’s a quick lowdown on what solutions we can offer.

We think you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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If you’re charged with responsibility for managing high density traffic safety in sites such as docks, airports or car parks, our Highway Spring Back Bollards may be just what you’re seeking. Emblazoned in the safety colours of red and white, these resilient moulded plastic posts come with an integral shock cord so that they can rebound to their original upright position if they’re accidentally hit (please note that you’ll need four separately supplied fixing bolts to fit each bolt base to the ground).

A related product is our High-Impact Swing Bollard, a TUV-approved high-grade steel post with an internal spring and elastic polyurethane buffer at the base. This bollard will ‘give’ by 25° when accidentally hit by a vehicle, protecting both the post and the vehicle from surplus damage. Each sturdy bollard is powder-coated yellow for indoor use and hot-dipped galvanised for corrosion-prevention in outdoor use. They can be surface mounted using a separate base and four fixing bolts per bollard. 

For those who need to zone off a designated area temporarily but regularly, our Retractable Manual Posts are ideal. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, they can literally be pulled out of the ground into which they’re sunk and locked into place with a separately supplied triangular key (and vice-versa). These posts descend into an integral ground socket, set in concrete to a depth of 1100mm below the surface.


I need a low-cost means of temporarily cordoning off different areas at different times – is there a solution? 

There certainly is. Our Private Use Swing Back Bollards, to be precise. Each bollard has a chain eye mounted at the top to make it connectable with other similar posts, creating a temporary barrier.

These are just a few of the bollards we supply. Check our Bollards webpages to find out more and place your order today.